Pressure Washing 

Horizon Property Services provides outstanding pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to customers throughout Metro Vancouver in a variety of markets including Office buildings, High traffic retail environments and Industrial locations.

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Pressure Washing 

Commercial pressure washing is a great way to brighten up and clean parking lots, building exteriors, store fronts, awnings, sidewalks, curbs, new construction and more.  It also can limit your liability for fall related accidents. Your concrete goes through a lot. It takes a beating every winter from rain, snow, dirt, car traffic, foot traffic and freezing temperatures. After winter and relentless rain and moisture, the Spring sun comes out and feeds all the little moss and weed spores and creates growth. All of this can cause damage to the concrete and create cracks. Cracks give moss and weeds a perfect environment to thrive.

Get a yearly preventative cleaning to keep the moss and weeds out of the cracks and keep the concrete looking bright and brand new. We clean concrete with high volume surface cleaners and a anti-moss treatment similar to 30 second cleaner.

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